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It still feels like summer but the winter footy season is here….Super Rugby last weekend, NRL this week and AFL in 3 weeks. Seriously it is too hot but at least there are plenty of night games.


If your office or family has a tipping contest, don’t get caught out by the Thursday night games to start the NRL and AFL.

Here are my tips for Round 1 of the NRL:

WINNERS: Broncos, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Warriors, Cowboys, Rabbitohs, Titans, Storm.

Everyone knows that tipping contests are won by the person who knows least about the game – the one who thinks Dylan Walker is a poet or Pauli Pauli is a misprint. It’s more luck than science. Well, that’s my excuse for struggling to tip better than 5 correct out of 8 each weekend. Let’s face it 4 out of 8 is pure chance that anyone should average.

If you want to avoid the accusation of not being a team player by just taking part, you can choose the easy way of  tipping: Take the home teams, or whoever the bookies have as favourites, or put the names on a dartboard.

However if you want to prove you really are an expert, the checklist includes recent form, injuries especially to key players, depth and experience of replacements, home and away records, history against the opposing club, contrasting styles of play, level of motivation i.e. hunger, off-field distractions, individual players up against their old clubs.

Analysis takes hours. The dartboard takes seconds. My success rate is about the same either way.

How about this for a compromise? Take all the bookies favourites unless you fiercely disagree or can’t bear to tip against the club you follow. Quick and easy, you can live with your tips and you can be confident that not all the favourites will win anyway.

Good luck!










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