Weekly Wrap 21/6/16

Players in most sports don’t get second chances. A clever pass or an intercept, a poor kick or a beauty, a perfect shot or a duffer, making or missing a tackle,  a dropped catch or a screamer.  The play is made in an instant, usually on instinct honed through practice. The difference between sublime skill or an embarrassing mistake can be a millimetre or millisecond. Even a referee or umpire has barely a moment before blowing the whistle or making the call.

Good players get it right most of the time.

In the heat of the game or just after, coaches, commentators and off-field officials generally get more time to decide on tactics, rules and comments before they open their mouth so we expect them to get it right all the time.

But every weekend sport show us humans aren’t perfect.

Here’s sports broadcaster Warren Boland with his Weekend Wrap.

Running list (for easy access):

  •  0.00 State of Origin
  •  4.43  NRL
  • 12.35 AFL
  • 20.50 Rugby Union
  • 22.52  Olympic Games
  • 24.00 Golf




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