Weekly Wrap 31/5/16

With State of Origin dominating and distorting the NRL competition, the Broncos and Cowboys crashed to earth while in the AFL, the winning streak of the Kangaroos and Giants came to a halt and the Cats hit the wall for the second week in a row.

They weren’t the only heavyweights in the world of sport to find it tough going.

Reliving a turbulent weekend of sport Warren Boland parachutes solo this week. (The missing half of this Abbott and Costello tandem skydive, Andrew Courtice, got tangled up at the back of the plane but should return soon to pull the ripcord).

Running list of topics for quick access:

  • 0.00 State of Origin
  •  3.05  NRL
  •  9.30  AFL
  • 14.26 Rugby Union
  • 18.42 Soccer
  • 19.17  Netball
  • 21.42  Formula One
  • 23.01  Cycling
  • 23.33   French Open Tennis

Welcome to ON THE BALL


It still feels like summer but the winter footy season is here….Super Rugby last weekend, NRL this week and AFL in 3 weeks. Seriously it is too hot but at least there are plenty of night games.


If your office or family has a tipping contest, don’t get caught out by the Thursday night games to start the NRL and AFL.

Here are my tips for Round 1 of the NRL:

WINNERS: Broncos, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Warriors, Cowboys, Rabbitohs, Titans, Storm.

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